I always start a new blog post with only a whisper of an idea. I could never plan it all out in advance. Nor would I want to. Creativity, for me anyway, demands a certain willingness to allow my subconscious to deliver something unexpected … something I hadn’t even fully considered myself, until  sitting down […]


Nature quietly teaches us < Happy Earth Day > that nothing is as complicated as we try to make it. And yet, given the paradoxical realities of life, everything is more complicated than we assume or imagine. How do we navigate such treacherous waters — avoid the extremes, the habitual reactions, the angst and anxiety […]


ARE WE A BORED PLANET? Have you noticed how everything is shorter, briefer, more condensed these days? Is this a phase or are we becoming a bored planet incapable of contentment or deeper perception? The trend is troubling, wouldn’t you agree? What will this “headline orientation” create — for friends and family, for colleagues and […]

Always Within

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. The sunrise is often hidden from view, but we know the sun is there somewhere. We don’t doubt it, or question it; we simply “know” it. So … if we turn within, what insightful comparisons can we draw? JOURNAL ENTRY THIRTEEN: Turning Within This sounds pretty easy. Perhaps we forget our […]

Something Else

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. There are many things we seem to know … before we know. A vague uneasiness perhaps, a curious anxious feeling, or maybe just a sense that “something” is looming. Feeling unusually distracted also comes to mind in this context.     JOURNAL ENTRY ELEVEN: Turning Within So when this happens … […]