Daily Life

Welcome to WEEK TEN of Beyond Self 2012 — an informal spiritual retreat in SunnyRoomStudio (September to December).  Before I truly understood the point (and purpose) of a “spiritual practice,” I wondered about finding the time for yet another important daily project.  And I’m sure many of you have also had this concern at some […]

Caught Up

Welcome to Week Nine of Beyond Self 2012 — our informal, spiritual retreat in SunnyRoomStudio.  An opportunity to delve into a spiritual practice, to keep a journal, to meditate.  It’s up to you.  Most of us know what we’d like to do (or need to do) to enhance our spirituality — to explore it more […]


Welcome back to our informal online spiritual retreat — September through December — in SunnyRoomStudio.  No fee, no sign-up.  Just share this journey, see where this spiritual thread leads.  Welcome. This is a comment-free initiative, but I hope you are keeping a journal to share your key insights at the close of our BEYOND SELF […]

Summer Sun (6)

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio and my summer series — brief, inspirational posts for your spiritual musings.  Great to have you here in this sunny space for kindred spirits. Given the exceptionally hot, dry conditions in many parts of the country, I’m wondering if we all shouldn’t be planning to create a Zen rock garden.  They […]

Your Inner Mystery

This continues our conversation about creating a unique spiritual path.  One that is right for you.  One that challenges, yet inspires. Last week (the first of three posts on this subject), we looked at “how to begin” if you feel uncertain in this regard.  I also covered the importance of going beyond the “masters” to […]