Why is “today” so wrong, or “yesterday” … or perhaps, “tomorrow” … ever wondered about this? What happens when you don’t constantly spin stories in your mind? They often dissipate. The mind is a relentless story-maker, and some of this is necessary … in terms of giving our lives meaning and a sense of continuity. […]


I like to take my time with some books. The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton is one of those. I started reading it in 2014, and am finally, almost finished. I’ve read many other books during this time, some in a few days. But this one (first published, 1948) seems best taken in small […]

Soul Work

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. Today I want to write about contentment versus apathy. It seems like the two are often confused, seldom understood. But once we look at these ideas side-by-side … the difference is clear. Apathy is when we don’t care. When we are disinterested and mostly disconnected from our surroundings. Contentment, on the […]

September Trilogy: Two

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. For our mini-trilogy this month, I want to briefly return to the Ram Dass quote because it invites awareness on so many levels. “Our journey is about being more deeply involved in Life and yet less attached to it.” ― Ram Dass It seems to me that being more deeply involved […]

Spritual Stuff

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio as Year Five gets underway with the 2nd entry of our 4-month (February through May) spiritual journal: Turning Within. Posts will be brief, but introspective. I hope you will journal along with us, as time permits. The external world can feel glittery and compelling; we are easily distracted. Yet, self-awareness, self-discovery, […]