Consistently Aware

Journal Entry #17 — Seeing It Otherwise Just being alive is seriously significant. Still, we are always complicating things it seems. As autumn weather delivers change to our doorsteps, I plan to focus on the wisdom of simple observation and connection with the unseen forces of the universe. Without the courage and patience to listen […]

Sheer Willingness

Journal Entry #16 — Seeing It Otherwise Your level of consciousness determines how you view whatever happens within you and beyond. Wonderful work has been done in this field of study by David R. Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, and many others. Dr. Hawkins identified 17 levels of consciousness: everything from shame to enlightenment.  This perspective is […]

Allowing Space

Journal Entry #15 — Seeing It Otherwise It’s funny how our world is so utterly wrapped up in “doing” — in producing and maintaining a ceaseless tide of activity. Have you ever wondered what actually motivates all of this, besides survival and mere habit? I, like many, am still learning how (and when) to step […]

Beyond Certainty

Journal Entry #14 — Seeing It Otherwise Closely observe your thoughts for a single hour.  Longer, if you can. Did the word certainty pop up?  Probably not. But in observing your thoughts, how many are actually focused on creating more certainty in your day, your week, your life? Of course, it’s pointless … seeking certainty. […]

Real Mountains

Journal Entry #13 — Seeing It Otherwise Incessantly, and often much too quickly, we simply react. We proclaim that something is “good” or “bad,” and maybe we pass judgment so quickly we don’t even pause to take a deep breath first. Certainly, there is a time and a place for quick reaction.  Emergencies.  Intuitive nudges.  […]