Those of us who write understand the difficulty, yet, the importance, of finding our own voice. Its authenticity will either resonate with readers, or it won’t, but if it doesn’t ring true to anyone, even to yourself, then writing a memoir could be difficult. So here’s an intriguing studio guest to tell you a bit […]


RECENTLY, I ran across this John Steinbeck quote: “Men do change, and change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass.” Poetic, yes. The ring of truth, yes. Change is often so gradual, in fact, that we can easily […]


And now we return to the world of memoir. The book is continuing to inspire me, even through the editing process, which sometimes feels tedious. As I work toward completion, next week, June 24th, will be 8 years since Matthew’s loss … the subject of my memoir, as many of you already know. I didn’t […]

Emotionally Harrowing

Welcome, Richard, to SunnyRoomStudio. It’s great to be talking with you about your forthcoming memoir: Shepherd. Looks like the reviews are strongly tipped in your favor; congratulations! One never knows how the written word will be received by the external world; it’s a great act of courage to publish a book. I especially liked this […]

Moments of Being

It is my pleasure to introduce author and friend, Shirley Showalter, as my as my 35th Studio Guest. Shirley recently published her memoir: Blush — A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World. And she was also my guest last year.  I interviewed Shirley about her work-in-progress, and now you can read more about her book […]