Be the Light

I often hear and sense a good deal of confusion out there regarding religion v. spirituality.  Are they one in the same, for instance?  Or why do I need to worry about my spiritual life when I’m a religious person? First of all, they aren’t one in the same.  Religion often comes prepackaged as “organized […]

Winter Grass

Welcome to WEEK 15 of Beyond Self 2012 in SunnyRoomStudio.  Today I simply want to provide a quote and let you interpret it — in your journals, during your weekly meditation, or both.  Zen is simplicity.  And often other things, even excessive thought, direct us away from simplicity. In a snowfall that covers the winter […]


Welcome to Week 14 of Beyond Self 2012 in SunnyRoomStudio.  We have come a long way since early September.  And with only 3 more weeks left in December, our retreat will close on the 28th of this month with Week 17.  I hope you have been challenged to look within and to see things from […]


Welcome to Week 13 of Beyond Self 2012 in SunnyRoomStudio.  Based on my study of Zen last summer, this informal spiritual retreat may be only a beginning for some of you.  For others, this retreat has been a good refresher. Where are you at in your spiritual evolution? Was there a catalyst that led to […]

Just Look

Welcome back to Week Eleven of Beyond Self 2012 in SunnyRoomStudio.  We have covered a lot of spiritual territory during the past 10 weeks.  It is time to rest.  To sit for a while on the bench of enlightenment.  For the next few weeks of our spiritual retreat–informal, no expectations, no boundaries–I will share a […]