Zen of Noah

Knock on the sky and listen to the sound! —Zen Saying

All conditioned things are impermanent. Work out your own
salvation with diligence … Buddha’s last words.

Zen is a kind of unlearning. It teaches you how to drop that which you have
learned, how to become unskillful again, how to become a child again, how to start existing without mind again, how to be here without any mind. — Osho

Noah, our schnauzer of 8+ years, appears to be at great peace with the world.  (written with a smile)  So, today, I thought I’d share the Zen of Noah as a way to honor his lively spirit … his unspoken wisdom … his apparent contentment.  And while I can’t read Noah’s thoughts, I’ve observed his behavior over the years with interest and have concluded a few things along the way.  Hope you enjoy this co-mingling of humor and truth, remembering the Zen of Noah is a work in progress.


  • Wear something warm if only to humor others.
  • Play in the snow even when cold.
  • Go for a walk at least once a day, twice is better.
  • Enjoy nature in stillness.
  • Practice patience with humans.
  • Stick with carrots for a treat.
  • Stay near the kitchen during the holidays.
  • Nap in sunlight — always appreciating a sunny room.
  • When bored, chase squirrels, but do no harm.
  • Find friends to play with, share your toys.
  • Sleep in on cold snowy days or daydream a bit.
  • Figure out which cupboard contains your treats, keep close watch.
  • If your owner puts on her shoes, a walk may be in the offing.
  • When someone takes your picture, grin and bear it.
  • Develop your own kind of wisdom that is organic to your life experience.
  • Forget ego, it’s merely a silly kind of nonsense, and only for the big dogs.
  • If you’re a writer, quiet the voice inside that questions your ability.
  • When feeling blue, stare up at the sky.
  • If the television is on too loud, find another room to hang out in.
  • Yoga mats are great places for morning naps.
  • When perplexed, sit in silence.
  • If the cat eats your food, accept what is.
  • Run free when your collar is off.
  • Show excitement when visitors knock at your door.
  • Bark at people walking by your window to greet them properly.
  • Cool, fresh water is a good thing to enjoy often.
  • When cold, find a warm blanket.
  • Don’t bite people.
  • When a bath is necessary, stay calm.
  • Stay in the now.
  • Chew on your Christmas gifts, but say thank you first.
  • Learn to play fetch.
  • Even water is best from Starbucks.
  • Shun trips outside in the black of night.
  • Investigate life, remain curious.
  • Trips to the vet are merely okay, but show gratitude anyway!
  • If you get a new collar, show appreciation.
  • When potato chips are offered, one is okay.
  • Dried sweet potatoes are a good evening snack or apple slices.
  • Sleep under Christmas trees.
  • A little snow won’t hurt your bare feet.
  • If the cat stares up at you, stay humble.
  • Reflect on the day with a peaceful heart.

In the spirit of the holidays, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Zen of Noah.

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