Morning Contentment

Good morning.  Have a couple of questions for you …

Do you spend a lot of time dwelling on what’s “wrong” with the world?  Do problems (real or imagined) consume your mind?

Contentment is something I often think about early in the morning.  It’s a good time to think about what’s right with the world.  What’s beautiful.  What’s intriguing, special, even mysterious.  I also read in the morning and listen to the sounds of nature.  Look for birds to see what kind might be in our yard.  This summer I noticed, for instance, that woodpeckers like almond slivers.  And goldfinch love thistle sacks.  Blue jays seem to prefer large pieces of dry bread and cardinals don’t seem to mind safflower seeds.

This morning I’d also like to share a couple of poems I published this year.

Nature seems to inspire most of my creative work.  It permits me to see beyond the obvious and to discern the finer distinctions of life that are easy to overlook.

Higher Order

Lurking behind a lilac bush,
the first of a late spring,
I spotted a trembling twig,
as if coming to life beyond
its capacity — beyond the
entirety of the season — and
racing for a camera, I caught
myself, noticed my impetuous
behavior, and remembered
at last: nature is timeless.

by D.A. Hickman, 2011

In the Distance

Without a shore
or skyward peaks,
native grasses wave
to the seesaw hum of life,
as heard by prairie spirits:
those dwelling in earth’s
golden fields and
overhead in stretches
of magnetic blue —
even in the air around me,
I hear them chattering.

by D.A. Hickman, 2011

 This morning I also read a few pages from A Course in Miracles.

The book is fascinating and reading even a couple of pages
can be another source of morning contentment.

How did you begin your day? 

Did you enjoy some morning contentment?

  • Morning Contentment launches a new series called FIRST THOUGHTS. 

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