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As many of you know, this is the 2nd post in a new series called First Thoughts.  Capturing early morning thoughts can be insightful, creative, revealing.  So these blog posts will flow organically with my first thoughts of the day.  Most will appear on Friday morning, unless I have a guest and then the schedule may change.  Isn’t flexibility a wonderful thing?

I know there all sorts of “blog rules” out there — when to post, how often to post, and so on — but I think a great blog also captures the creative impulse when it happens.  It conveys the spontaneous nature of creative work and allows for “what is” … instead of what “should or must be.”

Plus, in this post, it allowed for a bit of serendipity.

  • Today I woke up thinking about the importance of shining a light on others.  Their contributions to the world.  Their insights.  Their eloquence or creative spark.

Of course SunnyRoomStudio was built around the idea of focusing on kindred spirits and community, because we are all enhanced by friendship and mutually supportive relationships.  Most of my 17 guests to date have talked about their creative journeys, and inevitably, their journeys reflect the support of many other people along the way.  And for me, personally, by focusing on the talents of others … I was able to find joy and beauty in life during a very difficult time.

In the aftermath of significant loss, I found people and projects that spoke to me in a spiritual and meaningful way.

I had lost a 27-year old son, yes, but the world had not ended.  Although it felt like that for a long time.

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give
other people permission to do the same.”

— Marianne Williamson

So today I simply ask everyone reading this to shine a light on someone else for the next few days.  Instead of focusing on what we don’t like, don’t need, don’t want … concentrate on the people in your life who sometimes go unnoticed.

  • Who has been a steady force in the background?
  • Who has been there when your energy faded?
  • Who has made your efforts more meaningful along the way?
  • Who continues to make the world a better place each day?
  • Who has shared their light … so you can share yours?

Let tenderness pour from your eyes, the way the Sun
gazes warmly on the Earth.


I wanted to shine a light today on a SunnyRoomStudio guest, artist Terrill Welch.  Her guest post in early January was called First Light and now Terrill has published many pieces of her work in book format.  It sounds lovely.

Details …

“Artist and photographer Terrill Welch reminds us that there is only one moment – this one. Her distinctive palette, quick sure painting strokes and photographic images capture forest, sandstone, sea and sky. PRECIOUS SECONDS is an artistic journey through 50 pages of Terrill Welch’s scenic photographs and impressionist paintings inspired by her life on Mayne Island in southwestern British Columbia, Canada.”

  • Terrill is also featured today via an interview by Fiona Robyn @ Writing Our Way Home.

Coincidentally, Fiona is my October guest in SunnyRoomStudio — so this is a great opportunity to meet her beforehand.  (Thus, the serendipity mentioned earlier!)

So as you go about your week … make a point of shining a light on someone else.  See what happens!  See what kind of magic develops.  And let me know.  Would love to hear from you about how this works out.  Maybe it will become a lifelong habit, right?

I worked for the nonprofit sector for many years (staff & consultant), so it’s second nature for me to shine a light on important causes and people in need.  The practice has always served me well.  As a spiritual practice, see where it takes you … stay open to the possibilities.

Eventually, you will understand that love heals everything,
and love is all there is.

— Gary Zukav

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