On a Whim


  • Number 7 in a series of blog posts focusing on waking thoughts that are so often overlooked.

Stepping from the world of dreams reluctantly today.  As though in meditation, I notice a wave of peacefulness — a whimsical floating sensation.

Have I been drifting on a spiritual current?

Feels like it, although, I’m not exactly sure what a “spiritual current” is … maybe just another term for that feeling of oneness when we are aware of the Universe in the spiritual sense.

Heaven is not a place or a condition.
It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness.

~ A Course in Miracles

Joy also flows from this peaceful moment.  And joy is different than “happiness” which is largely a “mind concept” crafted by years of social conditioning.  The word has really lost all meaning, as too often it is aligned with external factors that come and go each day.  Joy, however, is part of our being … inherent to our existence … and clearly a spiritual sensation.

Ego is often at the core of “happy” … but spirit is at the core of “joy.”  And we all know that ego is often a destructive force — pointing us in all the wrong directions.

The ego seeks to divide and separate.  Spirit seeks to unify and heal.
A Course in Miracles

Joy, to be certain, comes without striving.  It just is.  It may not be noticeable to others, but it’s a much steadier force than what society calls “happy.”  And it doesn’t depend on much of anything in particular to make it so … it just is.

“Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace? Yes.
Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive;
inner peace does not.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Pleasure is always derived from something outside you,
whereas joy arises from within.
Eckhart Tolle

The problem with happiness, as commonly defined by society, friends, or family, is that people tend to project their feelings on others.  They take their personal definition of happiness and plaster it on the world stage — assuming that their version of happiness applies to everyone.  And of course it doesn’t.  People who have pursued spiritual awakening, for instance, experience a deep sense of joy from the most basic of things.  A sunset.  A bird in flight.  A beautiful flower.  A smile from a stranger.  A kind word.

Even the colors of autumn can bring joy into our awareness.  

I notice joy, for instance, when I do things on a whim … when I allow that intuitive nudge to take root in my day.  That’s when we let the Universe guide us … that’s when we are most peaceful.  Avoid the complexities of “happy” … an overworked idea that is too often linked to commercial definitions and external factors (ever-changing).  Besides, most people who claim to be happy are unhappy moments later … what an exhausting roller coaster.

  • Have you discovered freedom and spiritual joy by looking within?

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