Spring Notes (1)

Spring.  Break.  Yes, it’s happening … even here in SunnyRoomStudio.  And assuming that many of you are also taking a bit of a break, I’ll just be sharing 5 brief posts (one per week) between now and March 16th.  I’m even turning off the comments section, because these posts, called “Spring Notes,” are primarily for meditation.  Contemplation.  Silent reflection.  So as we prepare for spring together, I hope you enjoy this approach to celebrating the coming of a new season.

Spring Notes (1)

When I meet someone for the first time or spend time with those who don’t know me well … I sometimes sense they have already put together some sort of quick story of “who I am” … yet, I also sense that this “story of convenience” is far afield from reality.  Ever felt that way?  Obviously, the story in their minds is a reflection of their inner world, their life experience, and their personal definition of self.  It has little to do with me or anyone else.  In the haste of life, we all lean on assumptions … we all jump to conclusions … we all want to know someone before we’ve taken the time to really know them.  Perhaps we can meditate this week on the merits of an open mind, reminding ourselves how each person is unique — not a cookie cutter version of someone you once knew or imagined.  The gifts of understanding and being understood are profound.  And are strong foundations for a more peaceful world.                 

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.
~ Leonardo da Vinci

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