Summer Sun (5)

Thanks so much everyone for letting me know how much you’re enjoying this summer series — brief, inspirational posts for your spiritual musings.  How has your summer been going?  If you turn on the television it’s all about weather, gas prices, and politics — so it seems.  I hope SunnyRoomStudio continues to be a respite from the zaniness of the world.  Or at least a pleasant break in a busy summer day!

The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers. ~Basho

In many parts of the country it’s already mid-summer … students may even be thinking about the next academic year.  So how do you catch something that is already melding into the next season?  When we walk our dogs we notice early yellow leaves, drying grass, flowers that have bloomed and gone quiet now.

The burst of spring and early summer are behind us.  Some would call this time of year “deep summer” or maybe just another point of transition.  Nature’s ceaseless activity and continual change; its seamless movement forward.

I sometimes think of mid-July as the heart of summer.

The trees that have it in their pent-up buds
To darken nature and be summer woods.
~ Robert Frost, Summer Woods

But lest we get ahead of ourselves, this can be a good time to simply stand still.  To allow this summer season to become part of us … to acknowledge its presence in a deeper, more meditative kind of way.  Maybe some early morning you’ll wander outside with a sketch pad or your journal — maybe you’ll finally pick up that book that was on your summer reading list.  Or perhaps you’ll simply study a few neighborhood birds a bit more closely.

Whatever you choose to do to slow things down a bit and not rush forward with the crowd, I hope you find a way to make it meaningful, even memorable.

Nurture your creative side.

Read some poetry.

Write a letter.

Take a walk.

Create a new recipe.

Read a short story.

Allow yourself time to connect with nature.

Call an old friend.

Sleep in.

Create spiritual space with time for silence.

What ideas do you have for slowing down during the heart of summer? 

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