Spacious Awareness

Welcome back to Seeing It Otherwise — our spiritual journey for 2013 that focuses on exploring our perceptions, assumptions, and reactions.

This is a great opportunity to journal or meditate on the ideas and questions presented.  Blog posts will serve as brief journal entries every other Friday morning.

  • Journal Entry #2: February 15, 2013

Gazing at an afternoon sky already dark with winter clouds … it’s possible to “see” lack or limitations.  To note the lack of sunlight as something worthy of thought.  But if the same scene is viewed with spacious awareness … not analyzed or thought about … there is merely a darkening sky in the distance.  One that I have no particular opinion about.

Beyond labels and assumptions … the sky is merely space.  I can save myself any kind of reaction at all.

Something is there, off in the distance, but what about the colors?  Besides “darkening” … what color are the clouds?  What color is the sky?

What is there that is beyond words?

How do you feel … just looking … just breathing?

Taking the mind out of its task-0riented orbit … its habitual way of perceiving and thinking … is important.  Our minds should serve us, not dictate to us.  They should be utilized when helpful, but also transcended.

I’m becoming more “aware” of my thoughts all the time.  Are you? ~ dh

  • For the next couple of weeks … look at the sky as often as you can … but try to view it differently than you normally would.  See if you can bring spacious awareness to this rather routine activity.  See where it takes you.  See how you can enhance your spiritual practice through this simple step of looking … as opposed to judging or reacting. 

See you in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for stopping by!


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