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  •  Journal Entry #3 — Seeing It Otherwise

Like most people, I have experienced the profound influence of time on my perceptions.

The college paper that seemed mesmerizing in the moment eventually becomes paper to recycle.  Pictures from high school that I thought I would never want to part with begin to seem superfluous, connected to a past that only exists in my mind.  Goals that once felt urgent recede like an ocean wave.  Beliefs and values that were part of my growing-up years have been transformed under the light of experience, maturity, and spiritual evolution.  My favorite book is no longer my favorite.  Anxiety about death or loss has been replaced by a deeper, more complete understanding of the universe.  Activities that once seemed compelling, fun, or worthwhile no longer appeal to me.

Shifting perceptions also impact my assumptions, making automatic reactions obsolete.

  • Shifting perceptions allow for silence … for spacious awareness … for a spiritual presence that removes the pressure of ego and the demands of the conditioned mind.

The depth of life can not be found in an endless round of “doing.”  Rather, it must be sensed through “being.”  Through having the presence of mind to do less and understand more.  To notice each moment fully–living peacefully and resourcefully in the now–not projecting ourselves into a “busy” mind-fabricated future.

Watching the many shades of color in the sky on a single day reminds me of my shifting perceptions.

My ability to release the past and the future allow today to be less complicated, less tiring, and definitely, less mind-based (and therefore, artificial).

  • Tossing aside perceptions of old helps me transcend the significant limitations of the conditioned mind.  It exposes the true depth of life where there is no need for useless drama or pretense.  No need for controversy, confusion, or competition.

Instead of living in a time-based reality that encourages an endless focus on past and future, I can opt for a spiritual reality that acknowledges the unknown, the timeless, and the power of presence.  ~ dh

  • For the next couple of weeks, explore your perceptions.  Look at them honestly.  How many outdated perceptions can you toss aside?  How can you “see it otherwise” to update your internal world?  How can you find a peace that extends beyond cultural definitions of “self” … beyond the expectations and assumptions of others?  How can you disregard the reactions of others that flow from habit, not presence?    

Thanks for stopping by.  See you in a couple of weeks!

Seeing It Otherwise, our spiritual journey for 2013, focuses on exploring perceptions, assumptions, and reactions.  It’s a great opportunity to journal or meditate on the ideas and questions presented.  Blog posts will serve as brief journal entries every other Friday morning.  Next post: March 15, 2013.

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