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The sunrise is often hidden from view, but we know the sun is there somewhere. We don’t doubt it, or question it; we simply “know” it. So … if we turn within, what insightful comparisons can we draw?


This sounds pretty easy. Perhaps we forget our spiritual dimension is always there, as well, even when we feel oddly disconnected from it. Even when doubt or confusion or fear threaten to overwhelm us.      

In the rush of life, admittedly, a lot can come our way on a single day. Much of it can be unexpected. And that nearly always throws us off. When our focus shifts suddenly, we often veer off course. A few days later, we may “see” it … we may “see” that we lost touch with our inner wisdom. With our peaceful essence and all that it offers in terms of a calm, knowing presence.  

IMG-20140723-02472We have to guard against judging with our mind before we have allowed our intuition,
which is at the heart of the experience, to bring us knowledge.
—Jeanne de Salzmann, “The Reality of Being”

 Salzmann brings this reality to light so well, and cautions us to avoid letting our conditioned minds (often on automatic pilot) run away with us before we give our intuitive awareness an opportunity to provide feedback.  

Mindfulness, ironically, doesn’t necessarily flow from our minds, but from something deeper within us. 

But if we never access that part of ourselves, we’re at the mercy of our history — the knee-jerk reactions it produces.

IMG-20140723-02471The sun within is always there whether I’m aware of it, or not. It may feel distant or absent or obscured by current events or shock waves that rush against my day, but nonetheless, it’s still there. When coping with the personal earthquake of significant loss, my internal sun felt completely absent. Destroyed, virtually. But in writing my memoir over these past “many years,” I came to understand that the light of inner awareness never abandoned me. I just thought it did. ~ dh  

  •  FOR YOUR JOURNALS: When do you tend to react from habit and history; is there a discernible pattern? Does it serve you well? Turning within, what insights can you access? Is there a way for the sun of mindfulness–or maybe you prefer to think of your inner wisdom as spiritual awareness–guide you more often?  

It’s Year Five in this sunny space for kindred spirits, and this is my 13th journal entry for our 2014 spiritual journal: Turning Within. Posts are brief, but introspective. I hope you are keeping a journal; the series will close next Friday.

The external world can feel glittery, compelling; we are easily distracted. Yet,  self-awareness, self-discovery, and certainly spiritual realization, spring from within.

Thanks so much for being here. My next journal entry (August 15th) will be the CLOSE of this special series (a spiritual journal) launched in February, so if you have journal notes to share from TURNING WITHIN, please do so then!

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