September Trilogy: One

“Our journey is about being more deeply involved in Life and yet less attached to it.”
Ram Dass

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I’ve always liked the idea of a trilogy. Three books, or three connected (in theme or subject) works of art. While individually complete, there is also an added layer of meaning when viewed as a single entity. So I decided to create a mini-trilogy here … three posts in a row that add up to something more.

  • If you were going to write (or paint? or imagine?) a trilogy, what would you focus on as your theme?

September Trilogy: o n e

When we are born, we are like a house. But we have no idea where we have landed, or what is in “our” house. How many rooms does it have? What are they for? Can I change them — the color, the style, the furniture? Must I wander about these “personal walls” for a lifetime, lost and confused, or can I one day understand the various rooms, how they connect, influence, and merge?

Childhood. Who doesn’t remember that feeling of endless curiosity about our surroundings … that quiet sense of searching for something to explain it all? Perhaps, we didn’t articulate any of this, but if our lives were graced by spiritually wise elders, they sensed our searching. And perhaps they spoke to us about the great mysteries, or maybe they listened to us talk (vaguely) about the things we had no way to consciously understand as children.

  • These wise souls have come to know the layout of a universal structure: the internal mysteries we all face.

They know some things will seem out-of-reach, beyond our awareness and seeing. Perhaps they wonder if we will dare to step further into the mystery than they did. If they are especially wise and caring, they may want to help us in our journey.

IMG-20130923-01647Our journey is about being more deeply involved
in Life and yet less attached to it

― Ram Dass

But the journey is ours alone, by and large. The rooms of our house, unique. Some seem hard to reach as though veiled; some are bright open and airy. A few may be tucked way in the back … some high overhead, seemingly too high. We seem to spend a lot of time in the same rooms. The ones we know and like best. And one day, we’ll get to those other places … explore their mysteries, their intention and place in our lives.

  • I love the Ram Dass quote because he gently encourages us to dig deeper, while letting go at the same time — a delicate dance, requiring dedication and energy.

As a writer, I spend a great deal of time exploring ideas, intuitive nudges, creative connections, and after finishing a project, I’m not sure I’m ready to send it off into the world for others to enjoy, dislike, and judge. But this process forces me to visit my internal world constantly, and this is its greatest blessing. I have to, for instance, open the doors of every room in “my house,” because the next sentence (the one I need) may be lurking somewhere I haven’t yet ventured.

Finally, though, releasing a book means gently (and wholeheartedly) freeing it from my protective embrace. At this point, I must be “less attached” — comfortable knowing that everything has its season. And ideas and insight, ultimately, must be given away.

  • In this way writing is a wonderful way to experience the journey of life that Ram Dass describes so beautifully. This post (indeed, this mini-trilogy) is dedicated to all the timeless gifts of awareness teacher Ram Dass–born Richard Alpert–has shared with the world over the years. Bravo!

IMG-20130923-01648Deeply exploring the mysteries of life is never painless. But wandering around the same
two rooms can have its limitations and frustrations, as well. ~ dh

  • How consistently do you explore the unmapped rooms of your internal space? Can you deepen your understanding, letting go at the same time? Are you exploring the mysteries of life — why should we bother? Suggestions for others?
  • September Trilogy: TWO posts Friday, the 19th, of September.
  • I’ll be releasing a book about the wisdom of place late this month or early October. Details soon for Always Returning.
  • Remember: If you haven’t looked within, you haven’t looked.

See you next Friday for the second part of our September trilogy. Thanks for stopping by this sunny space for kindred spirits, now in Year 5.

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