The Mystery of Destination

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Today I want to write (briefly) about something I call the mystery of destination. And, yes, it really is a mystery. Certainly, if we are driving to the local drugstore, stopping by the grocery store, or picking up coffee at Starbucks, our destination is quite clear. But when we take broader strides in life, we are usually operating with incomplete information–with an unfinished road map–and the destination is probably sketchy, more of a vague notion than anything else.

  • So what causes all the angst and frustration along the way?

Seems to me we simply haven’t embraced the mysterious nature of the journey. We try to pin down too many details; we try to shape the path to our liking. But the reality is that one destination instantly rolls into something else — it is transformed by the process itself and may be quite unrecognizable, in fact. The flow of life, as a whole, is generally amorphous. And we all know the final ending is just another mystery. Perhaps the biggest one of all.

  • So why should life itself be any different?

So little is “concrete.” So little is predictable, containable, or fully understandable.

And what may appear to be a desired destination may ultimately be something else again. This week let’s forget about destination — let’s embrace its mysterious current and see what happens. ~ dh

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