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Late November approaches along with memories of so many months called November. It’s funny how such labels, i.e, months of the years, get lodged in our minds with such certainty. Haven’t we all framed November with what we remember and what we expect?

  • Don’t panic, but what if you looked beyond your memories and expectations? What is left?

Without the personalized frame for November, you might think very little would be left. But I’m not so sure.


I took this picture one Thanksgiving in central Dakota … the sky was magnificent, as you can see. This view would have existed regardless of how I’d framed November. Regardless of my presence. While our personal frames are important, it’s equally important that we make a point of looking beyond them — to see what is timeless, deeply inspiring, filled with awe and wonder.

At this point in my life, I’ve had to let go of most holiday expectations. Matt is no longer with us. His last Thanksgiving was in 2006. The heavily commercialized aspects of holidays no longer resonate. I’m not sure they ever did, actually. And even though Thanksgiving is traditionally laced with family and friends, road trips, food, and celebration, there is much more to the day, to the month, than customary surface explanations suggest.

So much sadness seems to occur around months like November and December because so many tend to believe there is only one frame — the one the media promotes, the one some family members insist on. But why not break free … honoring what you choose, but letting some fresh air into your life as well. Why not consider treating each day as though special? Why not take a deep breath, consider the incredible spirituality of simply sitting in silence?

When I am silent, I fall into the place where everything is music. ~ Rumi

DSCF0551None of this means that I don’t take time to remember special days and moments that are of course unforgettable. Held close, like love itself. But there are many dimensions to life: seen and unseen. Make a point of looking beyond your limited (possibly outdated) personalized frame for November … watch the sky open up in ways you’ve never imagined.

  • Look into the distance at what has been there all along, but overlooked. Don’t suffer. The universe is vast and so are you. ~ dh

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  • Remember: If you haven’t looked within, you haven’t looked.
  • Click here for more about my recent book release  Always Returning: The Wisdom of Place …  if you should read it one day, please let me know how you discovered it and if it touched your soul. Thank you so much!

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