Shine like the whole universe is yours. ~ Rumi

I love this quote from Rumi. He eloquently reminds us that while we are “one,” we are also ONE. What do I mean by that, and how does it pertain to life meaning and purpose?

Journal Entry 5: Exploring Meaning 2015

Too often we consider life meaning in the context of career choice or goals or projects. But when we peer more closely into these definitions, what do we see?

Perhaps a time frame, an agenda, or a list.

But do we see our life as a whole … in a universal context? Rarely, I suspect.

Since there are layers of reality–layers of truth–it’s important to consider life meaning and purpose in ways we may not have explored yet.

And fortunately, when I read Rumi’s words, I’m reminded to take my place in the overall scheme of things — well beyond the fray of daily life. It’s liberating to remember that I’m part of something much larger, much grander, than I can even imagine. 


Though I’m only one person, I’m also part of the ONE source of life. Isn’t that meaning, per se? Purpose, per se? How much more do we want or need, I wonder.

Finding ways to tune into that source is incredibly meaningful, isn’t it?

Sure, there are valid reasons to align our daily existence with the kind of meaning that makes sense to us (to me), in particular, but if this fails to also acknowledge the universal story, will we always be frustrated in our pursuits? Somewhat, at least?


Maybe all we really need to do is “shine like the whole universe” is ours. I like that thought. It’s expansive; it’s peaceful; it’s purposeful. It’s enough. Like living from a perspective of gratitude and wonder, this vantage point removes all the senseless pressure of popularized definitions of life meaning. Likewise, it also frees us from years of endless “searching” … we can still follow our bliss, as Joseph Campbell advises, but we don’t need to continually ask ourselves: so what is the meaning, the purpose, of this?   

Instead of looking for our specific place in the world, maybe we merely need to glance within to realize our universal roots. Sounds like a fruitful idea, doesn’t it? < end: journal entry 5 >

Journal Focus Question:
How might you deeply consider the merits of simplifying the search for meaning and purpose?

Thanks so much for being here; see you again Friday, February 13th, as our journal continues.

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