Everything we experience is a reflection of the human struggle to
somehow right itself against the rocky waves of time.
— D.A. Hickman


I established my own publishing imprint in 2014. My reasons
were many. Given the relentless pace of change within traditional
publishing avenues, it seems wise to retain the rights to my work.

Also, having been a development consultant, I enjoy innovation and
project management. There is something to be said for doing things
in your own time frame, at a pace that best accommodates the creative process.

Choosing cover art, for instance. Or a book title.

For a deeply personal book like The Silence of Morning, I only arrived at the title
after trying on many alternatives. It didn’t surface until I’d worked on the manuscript
for many years, yet fit the book like no other. As though caught in an emotional whirlwind,
it instantly returned me to the very moment of loss by pointing to a most remarkable truth,
revealed in a powerful (and illuminating) context that was never to be forgotten.

On a pragmatic level, marketing is also in my hands with my own imprint.
Whether I do it or not, how I do it, or when. Speaking to groups,
signings, readings, interviews—all are thankfully, optional.

As a quiet, reflective writer, shouldn’t words on a page speak for me—isn’t
that the real point, the challenge, of being an author?

Publication, in this era, is about literary choices—carving out a creative space
to generate a vision that aligns with authorial priorities and projects, imbuing them
with personal meaning, even eloquence. ~

At this time, I only publish books that I also have authored.


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