Journal Entry 6: Exploring Meaning 2015 Noting that this is the 5-year anniversary of SunnyRoomStudio, I should have planned something “special” … but this journal entry will have to suffice. The past couple of weeks have been filled with the unexpected, the expected, and everything in-between. Returning to this journal, in many ways, a gift. […]


When not center stage, questions about life purpose and life meaning still seem to hover in the background, don’t they? Unbidden, they come into sharper focus during major transitions, or when decisions press for resolution. Sometimes during moments of crisis, tragedy, or loss these questions burn with renewed vigor. We want to figure it out […]

Exploring Meaning: 2015

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. Today’s post launches our 3rd spiritual journal. I hope you will join us, recording thoughts, ideas, and questions as we go. Comments are also welcome, if you are so inspired. In 2013, our journal focused on Seeing It Otherwise. In 2014, we looked at the many aspects of Turning Within. This […]

Always Within

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. The sunrise is often hidden from view, but we know the sun is there somewhere. We don’t doubt it, or question it; we simply “know” it. So … if we turn within, what insightful comparisons can we draw? JOURNAL ENTRY THIRTEEN: Turning Within This sounds pretty easy. Perhaps we forget our […]

Currents of Time

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. It’s Year Five in this sunny space for kindred spirits, and this is my 8th journal entry for our 2014 spiritual journal: Turning Within.  Just to remind: posts will be brief, but introspective. I hope you are also keeping a journal. The external world can feel glittery and compelling; we are easily […]