“All the world’s a stage … .” Deciding how to classify a book once it’s written is a difficult task for many authors. A multitude of categories exist, but which ones are best for a book? These categories usually appear on the back cover. But to complicate things … book vendors utilize different categories, i.e., […]


Most of us value a voice that rings true. A message we recognize, one that impacts our inner sense of “yes,” I get that. This is precisely how I felt when I ran across this quote from author Cheryl Strayed: “Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes you’ll put up […]


My Studio Guest is intrigued by memoir as a way to discover the more hopeful aspects of “life story.” In her guest post, Kathleen Pooler shares insights about the process: how she works through the stop-and-go nature of writing; why she continues to forge ahead. Welcome, KATHY! 7 Reasons Why I Think Memoir Writing is […]


Here’s the thing about writing a memoir — it’s extremely challenging. When working in the captivating land of memory, emotions, and time … how could it be otherwise? There is much to write about, yet, paradoxically, there is little to write about. As writers, we have to tease out milestones, memorable dialogue, fading landscapes sketched […]

Moments of Being

It is my pleasure to introduce author and friend, Shirley Showalter, as my as my 35th Studio Guest. Shirley recently published her memoir: Blush — A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World. And she was also my guest last year.  I interviewed Shirley about her work-in-progress, and now you can read more about her book […]