Time’s powerful dictates are often unchallenged, even unnoticed, so I decided to face the clock, the calendar, the joy and the pain that “time” has delivered, to see what was hiding behind those insistent hands of time.

Each poem, a story of its own, but also part of a much bigger story.

What will you glean from each poem? Will you discover the story of time?

ANCIENTS OF THE EARTH, an emotionally compelling poetry collection, features the story of time in a way you’ve never encountered it before. Each poem is a reflection of “time” and the many ways we experience it during our lifetimes. Sometimes we notice its influence, but too often, we don’t, as “time” is a mysterious and complicated facet of daily life. But when we begin to notice it, we also can begin to transcend its boundaries in ways we never thought possible. While it seems to have a steely grip on our lives, this is not always the case. We can discover where it hides, and we can begin to “find” time, at last.

If you are weary of repetitive thought patterns, habits of old, stale insights, or have noticed a lack of inspiration, poetry is extremely helpful. It’s like hitting the refresh button, creating that empowering moment when you finally “wake up,” notice your own breathing again.

A six-part story, ANCIENTS explores how we navigate time as our awareness expands and deepens. Of the books I’ve written so far, this one feels the most like a gift from another realm, and seems to speak to anyone who is simply tired of “everything else,” and wants to experience the unexplored … the unspoken … and the mysterious nature of each moment.

Book is available on AMAZON and most other book sites.

“To me, it is a masterwork, from the beautiful front cover to the impressive blurbs on the back. It is obvious that so much thought went into each word, each chapter heading, each title. I am thoroughly humbled by your reach and grasp of subjects which many would never attempt to address through poetry.”

I hope you enjoy these “poems of time.” I promise you they will encourage you to think about time in fascinating new ways.