Story Without End

I’m very pleased to introduce author and friend, Priscilla Warner, as my 34th Studio Guest. Priscilla is the bestselling author of Learning to Breathe – My Yearlong Quest to Bring Calm to My Life and a co-author of The Faith Club. After I read Priscilla’s guest post, I thought: this is wonderful.  The peak moments […]

Autumn Intuition

It’s amazing what comes to mind when we allow enough silence and space into our lives to catch our intuitive musings.  Recently, for instance, a friend of mine from Wyoming, author Tamara Linse, posted a picture on Facebook of a leaf that was showing signs of autumn color.  A hint of red, drying edges.  I […]

In the Flow

Today I have the privilege of introducing my 32nd Studio Guest, Jacqueline Sheehan.  Her recent publication, a sequel to Lost and Found about a black lab named Cooper, is Picture This.  But she has two other books to her credit including Now & Then and The Comet’s Tale: A Novel About Sojourner Truth. Jacqueline Sheehan, […]

Trial by Fire

I’m taking a brief pause from INSIGHT_2011 (our summer journey of meditative guideposts) to share a lovely guest post by my friend, Cynthia Ogren. Cynthia loves words.  And she loves Riley, her adorable schnauzer.  She recently moved to San Antonio, Texas, and also loves music.  I first met Cynthia when I noticed that she sometimes […]

Creative Convergence

During this season of winter torment (it seems I hear more and more people lamenting the harsh temps, snow and ice this time of year), I thought I’d shine a light on an individual with an abundance of artistic and creative talent.  Mary Montague Sikes.  Or Monti, to many.  We may as well find something […]