Luckily, Mary Karr’s book, The Art of Memoir, didn’t hit the shelves until late September. If I had read it BEFORE I wrote my memoir (forthcoming), I’m not sure I would have had the fortitude to continue. (Well … maybe.) But due to timing, I read Karr’s new book while thinking about the book I’d […]


It’s easy to forget that many successful authors (in terms of books published, sales, name recognition) struggled to get that first book in print. But when looking for inspiration, writers usually turn to other authors who found a way through the puzzling jungle of drafts, queries, rejections, contracts, marketing, and so on. These personal stories […]

Still Connected

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio, glad you could drop by. There are mysteries and then there are Mysteries. Some show up in books or tucked within television programs, but some are as fundamental (and as powerful) as our very next breath. Certainly, most of us try to sort and sift through the big questions–deep and profound–and […]

Snow Tunnels

Books on My Shelf 2014 Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio.  This week I’m pleased to introduce, as my Studio Guest, someone I’ve known most of my life, Nancy Sutton Smith.  We went to high school and college together and Nancy picked an incredible book from her shelf to share with all of you.  It’s winter in […]

Journey of Inquiry

Books on My Shelf 2013 Words are only words.  Stories, just stories.  Books, mere books.  But if a book, an author, has touched your soul even once, you understand the depth of connection possible between writer and reader.  You have had a glimpse of time contained, of spiritual energy used to create and share art.  […]