Four Books

Books on My Shelf 2013 Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio.  This week, from my shelf, I selected four books to share with you. I stay alert, whether it be online, in a bookstore, sharing ideas with friends, pleasure reading or doing research for writing projects, or studying spiritual masters, to books that jump out at me […]

Beyond Certainty

Journal Entry #14 — Seeing It Otherwise Closely observe your thoughts for a single hour.  Longer, if you can. Did the word certainty pop up?  Probably not. But in observing your thoughts, how many are actually focused on creating more certainty in your day, your week, your life? Of course, it’s pointless … seeking certainty. […]

Spiritual Affinities

We’re taking a short break from our 2013 Journal, Seeing It Otherwise.  This year, as many of you know, we’re exploring perceptions, assumptions, and reactions via journal-like entries every other Friday morning here in SunnyRoomStudio. Today, however, I’m pleased to introduce my Studio Guest, Richard Gilbert.  His guest post also touches on how we might see […]


Thank you so much for being here for Week Eight of Beyond Self 2012 in SunnyRoomStudio — a creative, sunny space for kindred spirits. I appreciate your participation in this retreat for many reasons.  For one thing, as I write these posts each week, I’ve discovered this to be a wonderful spiritual practice in and […]

If Only

Welcome to Week Seven ofBeyond Self 2012in SunnyRoomStudio, a creative, sunny space for kindred spirits.  Our informal spiritual retreat is an excellent opportunity to “practice” your spirituality each week, challenging yourself in meaningful directions.  And if you are keeping a weekly journal, it will be great to hear from all of you at the close […]