“Our house was still filled with flowers, which I’d loathed from the start. The longer they stayed, the more I found their fragrance cloying, like the smell of a disinfectant spray meant to hide something grotesque. And after that first horrible week, I hated watching them die, then having to throw them away–another acknowledgment that […]


Most of us value a voice that rings true. A message we recognize, one that impacts our inner sense of “yes,” I get that. This is precisely how I felt when I ran across this quote from author Cheryl Strayed: “Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes you’ll put up […]


Here’s the thing about writing a memoir — it’s extremely challenging. When working in the captivating land of memory, emotions, and time … how could it be otherwise? There is much to write about, yet, paradoxically, there is little to write about. As writers, we have to tease out milestones, memorable dialogue, fading landscapes sketched […]

John Gunther

Books on My Shelf 2013 Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio.  This week, from my shelf, I selected Death Be Not Proud by journalist and father, John Gunther.  This famous memoir, considered to be a classic, covers the illness and death of his teenage son.  First published in 1949, Gunther writes: “My grief, I find, is not […]


Finding peace after personal tragedy takes years, perhaps, a lifetime. We must recognize the long-term nature of healing and avoid the “instant response” mindset that is integral to our impatient, short-sighted culture and society. Welcome to Week 16 of Beyond Self 2012 in SunnyRoomStudio — a creative, sunny space for kindred spirits.  As those of […]