… at the end of a long political drama, what can we do to salvage our peace of mind? Some of the most important distinctions in life are subtle. Very subtle. We sense these distinctions on an intuitive level … when we are aware, mindful, and paying attention to something beyond our own mind chatter. […]


I like to take my time with some books. The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton is one of those. I started reading it in 2014, and am finally, almost finished. I’ve read many other books during this time, some in a few days. But this one (first published, 1948) seems best taken in small […]


Luckily, Mary Karr’s book, The Art of Memoir, didn’t hit the shelves until late September. If I had read it BEFORE I wrote my memoir (forthcoming), I’m not sure I would have had the fortitude to continue. (Well … maybe.) But due to timing, I read Karr’s new book while thinking about the book I’d […]

Cool of the Evening

Welcome, Tamara, to SunnyRoomStudio.  I can see how the beauty–dark and light, comforting and troubling–of Wyoming would influence you.  As you note, there can be a starkness to the terrain that complicates its beauty. I’m looking forward to reading your literary short story collection; it sounds like the influence of place is weaved into your […]

Supporting My Soul

It’s such a pleasure to introduce my Studio Guest, author Mary L. Tabor.  Living in the snow capital of our nation, Mary is an inspired, and inspiring, writer.  She was also my first guest in this sunny space, in 2010.  I’m honored to have her back for another visit for the 4th year anniversary of […]