And now we return to the world of memoir. The book is continuing to inspire me, even through the editing process, which sometimes feels tedious. As I work toward completion, next week, June 24th, will be 8 years since Matthew’s loss … the subject of my memoir, as many of you already know. I didn’t […]


When not center stage, questions about life purpose and life meaning still seem to hover in the background, don’t they? Unbidden, they come into sharper focus during major transitions, or when decisions press for resolution. Sometimes during moments of crisis, tragedy, or loss these questions burn with renewed vigor. We want to figure it out […]

Something Else

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. There are many things we seem to know … before we know. A vague uneasiness perhaps, a curious anxious feeling, or maybe just a sense that “something” is looming. Feeling unusually distracted also comes to mind in this context.     JOURNAL ENTRY ELEVEN: Turning Within So when this happens … […]

Allowing Space

Journal Entry #15 — Seeing It Otherwise It’s funny how our world is so utterly wrapped up in “doing” — in producing and maintaining a ceaseless tide of activity. Have you ever wondered what actually motivates all of this, besides survival and mere habit? I, like many, am still learning how (and when) to step […]

Without a Doubt

Journal Entry #12 — Seeing It Otherwise Who is the wisest person on the planet?  Yourself?  Someone you know; someone you’ve never met?  Maybe someone you merely imagine might exist.  Maybe someone from the very distant past — someone no longer living. After asking myself this recently, I quickly decided it was a ridiculous (but […]