In Simple Terms

Journal Entry #5 — Seeing It Otherwise Winter must surrender to spring.  And spring to summer. We, as well, are called to surrender to aspects of life that are challenging.  Mysterious, confusing, painful, or fleeting. But this kind of transition can be awe-inspring, because this is the creative expression of life itself. Life and death […]

How We Change

Journal Entry #4 — Seeing It Otherwise The world is lost.  I heard Eckhart Tolle mention this in a video presentation recently. He was speaking in reference to blindly following the dictates of culture or letting society (yes, including family, friends) define us. Tolle also pointed to the need to use intelligence in the service […]


Welcome to Week 13 of Beyond Self 2012 in SunnyRoomStudio.  Based on my study of Zen last summer, this informal spiritual retreat may be only a beginning for some of you.  For others, this retreat has been a good refresher. Where are you at in your spiritual evolution? Was there a catalyst that led to […]

Just Look

Welcome back to Week Eleven of Beyond Self 2012 in SunnyRoomStudio.  We have covered a lot of spiritual territory during the past 10 weeks.  It is time to rest.  To sit for a while on the bench of enlightenment.  For the next few weeks of our spiritual retreat–informal, no expectations, no boundaries–I will share a […]

Facing Fear

First Thoughts. Do you ever start to wake up in the morning with reluctance?  With that feeling of … fear?  Maybe you have a difficult day at the office on your calendar, maybe you have a dental or doctor visit that you’ve been dreading, maybe you have a big decision to make or a funeral […]