Soul Work

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. Today I want to write about contentment versus apathy. It seems like the two are often confused, seldom understood. But once we look at these ideas side-by-side … the difference is clear. Apathy is when we don’t care. When we are disinterested and mostly disconnected from our surroundings. Contentment, on the […]

Perspectives of an Author

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. I’d like you to meet my insightful Studio Guest, author Karen Levy. Her memoir, My Father’s Gardens (Homebound Publications 2013), is nominated for the 2014 Pushcart Prize. Please feel free to submit questions in the comment section. And thanks for stopping by this sunny space for kindred spirits. Welcome, Karen! Words. […]

Consistently Aware

Journal Entry #17 — Seeing It Otherwise Just being alive is seriously significant. Still, we are always complicating things it seems. As autumn weather delivers change to our doorsteps, I plan to focus on the wisdom of simple observation and connection with the unseen forces of the universe. Without the courage and patience to listen […]

Stepping Back

Journal Entry #8 — Seeing It Otherwise There is no destination in life.   Not really.  But there is an illusion of movement or so-called progress. Time, however, is actually more like an invisible conveyor belt without beginning or end.  And we are its passengers.  Standing in place, but convinced we are moving forward. Yes, the […]

Shine a Light

As many of you know, this is the 2nd post in a new series called First Thoughts.  Capturing early morning thoughts can be insightful, creative, revealing.  So these blog posts will flow organically with my first thoughts of the day.  Most will appear on Friday morning, unless I have a guest and then the schedule […]