I AM FAIRLY certain most of us begin a new year with mixed emotions. Whenever we grapple with elements of time, the emotional back and forth–the reluctance to let go and move forward, coupled with excitement about a new year–is there. Most of us probably enjoyed a break from routine in December, and now we […]


THERE is no path to tomorrow, not really. Rather, there is only the path that leads to deeper awareness of this, and each, moment. I’m not sure how or when I became fully aware of this, but it was somewhere along the way. So as we gather ourselves anew for 2016 … perhaps this is […]


I’ve been wanting to write about this notion for some time, but more pressing matters have intervened, until now. Many are familiar with this rather well-known quote from Slaughterhouse-Five, “Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.” Written by Kurt Vonnegut, how does this idea sit with you? Neale […]


I’m honored to have author Ellen Stimson in SunnyRoomStudio this week. And though it may seem early to get into the Christmas spirit, Ellen’s latest release is the perfect way to gently bring the season back into focus. She’ll tell you more about that, however, and she’ll also tell you about turning fifty. Ellen is […]


Luckily, Mary Karr’s book, The Art of Memoir, didn’t hit the shelves until late September. If I had read it BEFORE I wrote my memoir (forthcoming), I’m not sure I would have had the fortitude to continue. (Well … maybe.) But due to timing, I read Karr’s new book while thinking about the book I’d […]