September Trilogy: Three

Welcome back to SunnyRoomStudio. For the final part of our mini-trilogy this month, I’m sure you anticipate our return to the insightful Ram Dass quote: “Our journey is about being more deeply involved in Life and yet less attached to it.” What have you been able to pull from his words — what level of […]

Journey of Inquiry

Books on My Shelf 2013 Words are only words.  Stories, just stories.  Books, mere books.  But if a book, an author, has touched your soul even once, you understand the depth of connection possible between writer and reader.  You have had a glimpse of time contained, of spiritual energy used to create and share art.  […]

Allowing Space

Journal Entry #15 — Seeing It Otherwise It’s funny how our world is so utterly wrapped up in “doing” — in producing and maintaining a ceaseless tide of activity. Have you ever wondered what actually motivates all of this, besides survival and mere habit? I, like many, am still learning how (and when) to step […]

Without a Doubt

Journal Entry #12 — Seeing It Otherwise Who is the wisest person on the planet?  Yourself?  Someone you know; someone you’ve never met?  Maybe someone you merely imagine might exist.  Maybe someone from the very distant past — someone no longer living. After asking myself this recently, I quickly decided it was a ridiculous (but […]

Fully Engaged

Journal Entry #11 — Seeing It Otherwise What does life look like through the lens of enlightenment? Or … what might it look like? I wonder how many of us are truly interested in finding out. Due to our “value-based” culture, I’m guessing that some people toss the idea around, but perhaps, not seriously.  Why?  […]