And now we return to the world of memoir. The book is continuing to inspire me, even through the editing process, which sometimes feels tedious. As I work toward completion, next week, June 24th, will be 8 years since Matthew’s loss … the subject of my memoir, as many of you already know. I didn’t […]


Shine like the whole universe is yours. ~ Rumi I love this quote from Rumi. He eloquently reminds us that while we are “one,” we are also ONE. What do I mean by that, and how does it pertain to life meaning and purpose? Journal Entry 5: Exploring Meaning 2015 Too often we consider life […]

Eternal Nature

Thank you for being here for Week Six of BEYOND SELF 2012 — an informal spiritual retreat here in SunnyRoomStudio.  We are covering some interesting terrain via various Zen teachings, the focus of my summer reading.  And many of you are participating by keeping a retreat journal.  Since comments are closed until the end of […]

Magic Words

Those of you who are tuned into spirituality may have created a daily practice around certain words and concepts.  Gratitude, presence, non-resistance, patience, non-reaction, being, simplicity, compassion, surrender, and so on.  But is it possible we cling to these “magic words” without taking the next step — without making these concepts come to life in […]

Summer Sun (3)

Welcome back to the Summer Sun series — brief, spiritual passages for a relaxed summer agenda.  I hope you’re enjoying this approach to staying connected without a major time investment.  After all, the flowers are blooming, and simply gazing at them can be a full-time occupation. Most of our troubles are due to our passionate […]