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  • Journal Entry #11 — Seeing It Otherwise

What does life look like through the lens of enlightenment?

Or … what might it look like?

I wonder how many of us are truly interested in finding out.

Due to our “value-based” culture, I’m guessing that some people toss the idea around, but perhaps, not seriously.  Why?  Maybe because the “value” of enlightenment isn’t abundantly clear or straightforward, especially in monetary terms.  Or maybe people have no idea “where” to look for enlightenment.

  • Do not think you will necessarily be aware of your own enlightenment.  ~ Dogen

But, perhaps, enlightenment isn’t something to be pursued in the traditional sense of the word.  Perhaps, enlightenment pursues us.


Defining moments in life.  Loss.  Confusion.  Crisis.  Change.  Impermanence.  Frustration.  Uncertainty.  Discontentment.  Hardship.  Disappointment.  Fear.

How we react to challenging life situations is a good test of our enlightenment.

Do we suffer excessively?  Do we attempt to escape — ourselves or the situation?

If less suffering and greater peace were indeed part of the enlightenment equation, would more people see value in the process?

  • “Memories are of the ethereal, and not the material world, that is how I know I am forever.”
    ― Michael Poeltl

Enlightenment implies many things; spiritual leaders offer different definitions based on personal experience, research, or pure insight.   What does it mean to you?

I think it is about connecting the dots of life in a way that bridges life and death.  I also think enlightenment is not something we “achieve,” but something we “discover” within.  Is it possible we are all born enlightened, but due to cultural and family influences, we simply don’t realize this until a catalyst (or two or three) leads us to our spiritual dimension?

  •  Enlightenment, for me, is important because we all know the world of “form” (the material world) is always crashing around us.  If I am to believe in anything beyond form, then I must also believe in enlightenment.  And I must also believe that we are all spiritual beings in various states of evolution.  Most things of lasting value can’t be seen or touched.  And whatever transcends time is lasting.  To be fully engaged with life (the visible & the invisible), I must incorporate my spirituality.  I must also discover how enlightenment alters my perceptions, assumptions, reactions.  It’s really that important.  And it’s really that simple. ~ dh

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Seeing It Otherwise, our spiritual journey for 2013, is a journal that focuses on exploring perceptions, assumptions, and reactions.  It’s a great opportunity to journal with us or meditate on the ideas and questions presented.  Blog posts will serve as brief journal entries every other Friday morning.  I hope you’re enjoying this close-up of life and spirituality.

Due to the holiday on the 4th, next journal post: July 12th.

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