Sheer Willingness

  • Journal Entry #16 — Seeing It Otherwise

Your level of consciousness determines how you view whatever happens within you and beyond.

Wonderful work has been done in this field of study by David R. Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, and many others.

Dr. Hawkins identified 17 levels of consciousness: everything from shame to enlightenment.  This perspective is useful because it explains why there is endless conflict in the world, and why everyone tends to see things differently.  Depending on your level of consciousness, for instance, the world can seem one way, or quite another.  Various “realities” abound in this context, and thus, we see the gradual evolution of the spiritual dimension within each person.

The tranquility in us, the peace in us, we have to call them. There’s tranquility
and calmness and peace and joy in us, but we have to
call them so that they can manifest themselves
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

But as long as the world continues to create artificial labels and definitions for what can only be known as a sacred dimension beyond time and place…suffering and endless struggle will prevail.  With spiritual depth, there is awareness of the oneness of everything, including one source for all forms of life.  To presume to know more than that is merely a convenience of ego and the inherent limitations of the human mind.

  • It’s truly a matter of finding peace with “not knowing.”  And as a higher level of consciousness is realized, this kind of inner peace is largely automatic.  I’ve realized, for instance, it’s perfectly okay not to have an opinion about what is going on around me or on the world stage.  Remaining peaceful is preferable.  The world, as a mirror reflection of what lies hidden within each person, is certainly beyond our complete understanding when literal interpretations are desired.  An extremely fluid basket of perceptions, assumptions, and reactions doesn’t lend itself to useful comprehension.  In fact, such a dynamic environment is largely beyond prediction or thought.

John Lennon put it like this: If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.

He might be right.  I would just add, if everyone “found peace within” and lived from that perspective 24 hours a day, there would be peace.

  • It comes down to willingness.  Sheer willingness.  When I am willing to dwell in peace and function from a peaceful spiritual center, peace is all around me.  Maybe not on the global stage, but even at that level of organization, I can understand why conflict continues.  Various levels of consciousness produce vastly different needs, desires, priorities, values, beliefs, and so on.  Why wouldn’t there be conflict on a world stage comprised of individuals with various thoughts, emotions, abilities, ideas, and ideals?  So obviously there is a purpose behind the confusion, chaos, and madness.  Perhaps it is to encourage the development of higher levels of consciousness.  ~dh


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