I AM FAIRLY certain most of us begin a new year with mixed emotions. Whenever we grapple with elements of time, the emotional back and forth–the reluctance to let go and move forward, coupled with excitement about a new year–is there. Most of us probably enjoyed a break from routine in December, and now we are faced with returning to that routine in whatever form it manifests in our lives. A little reluctance is normal. Maybe even necessary. Maybe we should be asking ourselves, in fact, how much of our routine can be updated, revised slightly, or even greatly modified. But sometimes it’s the smallish changes that surprise us the most, offering more impact than anticipated.


So I’m starting off a new year with one very simple change … I am going to look at the sky more often each day. I hope you will join me! A sky view is always expansive (as opposed to narrow, or based on fuzzy logic or past conditioning) and, nearly always, beautiful. Even if dark storm clouds threaten, there is MUCH to see … when we pause to look.

And though the sky itself may feel mysterious and magical and mystical all at once … it’s always there for our eyes and souls to consider whenever we take that deep breath, that deep pause. In the spirit of slowing down … even this can make a big difference.

We are living with a grayish winter sky these days, but maybe this is the sky of “hope” … knowing the light is there, just not revealed through the eyes.

“I can see the sun, but even if I cannot see the sun, I know that it exists. And to know that the sun is there – that is living.” ―Dostoyevsky,  The Brothers Karamazov

Best wishes to everyone as we venture into uncharted territory this year. May you find inspiration, joy, and peace in the days ahead. And let me know if you are considering any smallish changes that hold the promise of something more. –dh

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Thanks for stopping by. I’ll return by Friday, January 29th with another smallish change that holds the promise of something more.

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