This Season of Seasons

I do like Christmas on the whole…. In its clumsy
way, it does approach Peace and Goodwill.
But it is clumsier every year.
E.M. Forster

  • You have to admit … this is an excellent observation.  The holiday season is never “perfect” and often it feels incomplete or stressful or downright bizarre — depending on your family customs, religious preferences, and so on.  “In its clumsy way” is a phrase that’s filled with insight, don’t you think?
  • And, yes, there is much attention given to the concepts of “peace” and “goodwill,” but how often do we achieve either in the month of December?
  • Lofty goals, perhaps.  Or is our contemporary society simply focused on all the wrong things?

I’m not sure, but I would like to do my part by offering these brief words of peace and goodwill.

Some might call this a prayer, a meditation, or a poem … but maybe it doesn’t really matter.  I just hope it’s not “clumsy.” (Yes, smiling :)

This Season of Seasons

Regardless of how you feel about Christmas and the season that has grown up around it,
it seems destined to influence our culture, our world,
and though our complaints about its commercial elements swell up around us like balloons in flight,
the season fights to be seen as peaceful, joyful, and holy,
as something more than gift wrap, holiday drinks, cards and cookies —
so what are we missing?  Is there a way to honor this time of year with greater simplicity, more integrity?
Is there a way to make it less clumsy in fact?

Try spontaneity … try random gifts of kindness … try doing less … try devoting quality time to whatever nurtures your spirit … try writing a poem about peace and goodwill … try being content with the basics of life … try to overlook the expectations that abound this time of year … try to celebrate the peace of letting go … try to savor the goodwill you share or receive … try to avoid excess and meaningless traditions that no longer feel right (create new ones) … remember those who have brightened your year with a simple phone call (giving your time and attention are always well-received) … do something special in memory of those who are no longer here to share this season of light and love … and most of all, when you find yourself feeling less than peaceful … perhaps pressured by this season of seasons … look within to connect with your peaceful essence.  Share that with others … clearly, the best gift of all.

Change always begins with someone who dares to step away
from what has “always” been expected.  

Let this season be something you create from within — let it speak
to others in ways that honor the human spirit.

Thank you for stopping by SunnyRoomStudio — what are you doing differently this year during this season of seasons?  What feels right?  What inspires you and fills you with peace and goodwill?  Wishing all of you a calm and hopeful December.

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