Spring Notes (2)

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Spring Notes (five brief posts, weekly, through March 16) are
for meditation — contemplation — silent reflection.
A creative way to prepare for a new season: for spring.

Spring Notes (2)

Much life discussion focuses on purpose.  How will I discover it, actualize it?  But it occurred to me that the entire idea might be overrated.  I don’t know, but sometimes it’s fun to pose a question like this … see what comes to mind.  It does complicate life … thinking we have a specific purpose … when maybe our purpose is primarily to bring the light of consciousness into the world (as Eckhart Tolle might say).  Maybe it’s the ego that is all caught up in “purpose.”  Maybe purpose unfolds around us each day amidst the basics; maybe our purpose is more abstract than we can imagine.  Maybe there are many ways to create and sustain purpose.  What if my purpose is simply to be a positive force in the world?  Or to realize my inherent spiritual capacity?  It’s nearly spring, a good time to think about a new season in our lives.  Also a wonderful time to turn things upside down, see what insights inch their way into our day.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

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