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As a young girl, I remember gazing up at the sky and wondering about the mystery of life.  One time I even thought: It isn’t fair.  We are here.  We get attached to people and places, then one day, it all vanishes.  I’m not sure of my age, but I was likely grappling with death for the first time.   An abstract notion for a young girl.  I was quite hung up on the fairness issue, I recall, finally deciding there had to be more to this story of life and death since death seemed so unfair.  Life moved on and I began to learn how nothing is truly “fair.”  That we can try, but in the end, measuring “fairness” is nearly impossible.  There are too many layers, too many complicating factors, to take into consideration.  Too many things we don’t know about something.  While we can almost grasp some issues, nearly hold them in our hands to study them, many questions of fairness involve big picture issues and circumstances that our minds tend to overlook.  Plus, we all only have access to “partial information.”  To actually weigh the entirety of a complicated matter in precise terms would take a genius, a spiritual guru, an enlightened soul.  Just something to ponder as we anticipate spring.  There are few issues as simplistic as we might try to make them.  There are few issues worth arguing about.  Because in the end … no on really knows.  An opinion is merely that, nothing more, and it can be refreshing to just let things be … to not draw in or rush to disagree.  True understanding takes much more than “reaction.”  More than an automatic ego response.  If we pause long enough to reflect on something, new insights, creative solutions, and fresh perspectives will come to mind.  Conflict and controversy seem excessive in our culture, in our world.  Maybe we all need to take a deep breath and spend more time gazing at the sky or dwelling on the inherent beauty of life.                  

Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars,
and see yourself running with them.
~Marcus Aurelius

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