Spring Notes (5)

Spring Notes (5)

Brief meditation posts for spring.

As a writer, a poet, I live with my ear to the ground.  Listening.  Silence being the great conductor of creativity.  Without that deep pause, without reflection, my thoughts would spin with repetition and mere habit, never taking me deeper.  Living on the surface of life, distracted by every event, every word, every headline, isn’t for me.  The poetry of life is actually overlooked when silence is missing.  We become reactionary, not thoughtful.  We let ego dictate our lives.  We don’t notice the first buds of spring.  The hint of color.  The life force brewing beneath our feet.  Allow the unmitigated pleasure of silence into your life.  Make it a wonderful, life-affirming priority.  Because one day, date unknown, we will return to the silence from whence we came. 

A wave of individuality rises from the unbounded ocean,
and for a time, forgets that it is the ocean in disguise.
When the wave begins looking inside, the memory of
wholeness is rekindled, and the wave again knows itself
as unbounded, infinite, and eternal. 
~David Simon, M.D.

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