Summer Sun (1)

This summer in SunnyRoomStudio (when I don’t have a Studio Guest), I’ll be posting brief meditative passages primarily.  I’m calling this the Summer Sun series, and I hope you enjoy this light touch during June, July, and August.  Months when many of us try to modify our routines to include a bit more down time.  So welcome to the Summer Sun series

When you were a kid did summer feel like heaven?  Like a world thrown wide open for you to explore?  How might you rekindle that feeling this summer?

To fully answer this question you may need to meditate on it for a few days.  My guess is that your response will surprise you in the spiritual sense.  But whatever your response, I hope you find a way to experience that inspiring feeling once more.  It might be quite insightful.

True freedom is living as if you had completely chosen whatever you
feel or experience in this moment.  This inner alignment with
the Now is the end of suffering.

~ Eckhart Tolle

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